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Manufacturer of Textile Sizing Chemicals for Textile Weaving from India.


Laundry & Cleaning Chemicals

A full range of products of choice for the institutional Laundry & Cleaning Chemicals and building maintenance markets. Contemporary formulations designed to provide the best solutions.


Product Description
LAUNDREX™ DET A complete detergent powder capable of washing a wide range of classifications and soiling.
LAUNDREX™ BOOST  A sequestrant and a suspending agent which prevents metal and mineral contaminants in the water supply from affecting wash quality.
LAUNDREX™ EML A specially formulated wash additive for effective removal of all fats, oils and greases from all type of fabrics.
LAUNDREX™ BLEACH A color safe oxidising Bleaching agent in powder form.
LAUNDREX™ NEUTRA A white free-flowing fine crystalline powder very effective combined sour antichlor product for use in the last rinse of a wash process.
LAUNDREX™ LD It is an all purpose modern laundry product specially designed to be used on heavier soiled items which require wet cleaning.
LAUNDREX™ DRYCLEAN It is a unique and versatile dry cleaning detergent for perchloroethylene solvent or Petrol. 


Product  Description
Degrease A heavy duty detergent powder for the effective degreasing and decarbonising of surfaces and equipment in catering establishments.
Stain Remover A powerful detergent powder for efficient de-staining and brightening of crockery, cutlery and kitchen utensils
Hand Soap Unperfumed bactericidal liquid handsoap leaving hands assuringly clean, moisturised and healthy
Spray Polish A fast economical care taker of wooden and leather furniture.
Window Cleaner A non abrasive cleaner for glass, laminates, metals and ceramics which evaporates leaving a clean, smearfree, shiny surface.
Rinse Aid A liquid Rinse additive for use in automatic dishwashing machines and sterilising tanks to prevent spotting or streaking and reduce drying time.
Oven Clean Concentrated cold oven cleaner for the rapid removal of carbonised fats and grease from ovens and grills.
Machine Dishwash A Concentrated liquid products for effective saponification of fats and food debris and an effective sequesterant-water softener and destainer
Bactericidal Cleaner An odourless, bactericidal, heavy duty cleaner and degreaser for the removal of oil and grease from heavily soiled floors and hard surfaces.
H.D. Toilet Cleaner A concentrated quick acting orthophosphoric acid based cleaner, descaler, bactericide and deodorant. First rate acid lime remover for bathrooms, toilets, shower rooms, baths, swimming pools, large kitchens and ovens.
Bactericidal Foam Cleanser A spray on / wipe off bactericidal foam 
cleaner containing an effective mild acidic descalant and soil emulsifier providing highly efficient washroom maintenance, whilst imparting excellent citrus lime fragrance.
Bactericidal Dishwash It is a neutral, bactericidal detergent, formulated primarily for hand dishwashing to provide adequate protection against cross contamination by typical pathogens
Bactericidal Detergent An odourless bactericidal alkaline detergent for cleaning and degreasing of all hard surfaces, equipments, fixtures, fittings, floors, walls and ceilings with both hot and cold water.
Cream Cleanser Non scratch cleaner for glass, mirrors, laminates, chrome, stainless steel and ceramic surfaces which leaves a clean, smear - free, shiny surface.
Air Freshner Fast effective and economical freshner for smoke rooms, bars, offices, changing rooms, sports hall and toilets
Floor Polish For high gloss dri-bright finish which produces and excellent hard wearing, highly slip-resistant protective film 

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